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How to access League Easy Web.

Accessing League Easy Web

Entering Your Contact Information

When You are Done - Logging Out

Accessing League Easy Web

To create or edit a web site for your League using the "League Easy Web" system, you need to tell the system who you are and what League site is to be created. Authority to access your web site will be given to those who know the login page address and have the single password. (This is a password assigned to each League, not the password you use to access your email or the internet.)

Where do I start?

Choose your browser, then go to and enter your last name, the 2 letter state abbreviation, and press the "Enter" button.

Does it matter which browser I use?

Maybe. We have found an issue with the "Chrome Browser". While this issue can be overcome, if you have the choice to use another browser, we recommend one like Firefox.

I used the Chrome Browser while editing pages and have received an error message. What is wrong?

Recently, the Chrome browser added some checks while reading a page looking for code that might contain malware. If you embed "widget code" provided by other services, like PayPal, Twitter, Google Forms, and others, you might be get caught in this issue.

The error message happens after you click on "Preview" while editing a page or the League Registration data.

How do I specify my League?

After entering your name and state, you will get the "Login Part 2" page. There will be a pulldown menu next to "League:" you can click to choose the name of your League.

What if my League is not listed?

Please send a note to and ask to have LEW set up so you can build a site for your League. Please include the full, official name of your League and your state. You should receive a reply with instructions for using LEW and a password within 24 hours.

What if my League name has changed or is not spelled properly?

You will be able to change the name later when you fill out your League registration form. Also, please let us know by sending an email to Give your state, old name, and new name.

How do I get my password?

After you have registered yourself with the system, check the box "Help. I don't know the password". Within a few hours, you will receive an email message from LEW support telling you the password. Or send an email to and request your password.

For security reasons, I want to ensure that someone who knows the password cannot login to our LEW account. What should we do?

Your password is the most important safeguard. Ask that it be changed. Read on...

Can my password be changed?

Yes, if you want a specific or a new random password, please send an email to and we can reset the password for you. If you want a specific password, include the word in your email request.

After I entered my password, a box popped up asking me if I wanted to accept a cookie. What's that?

You told your browser that you do not want to automatically accept cookies. You must accept this cookie. A cookie is simply a file that is saved on your computer. We use it to make it easier for you to use the system. Don't worry, we don't do anything you wouldn't like with it.

Can I shorten this login process?

Yes. After you have logged in once, you will have the opportunity to ask the system to save the information needed (in your cookie) so you can bookmark the main menu page. Then you can use that bookmarked URL and go directly to the site generation home page, bypassing the login process.

See detailed instructions for how to bookmark.

See also information about updating more than one site.

I've updated my site before, but I logged in and entered my assigned password and got the message that my password is invalid. How can this be?

Please doublecheck that you entered the correct League name. It is possible that you used the roller on your mouse to page down the signin page and this action changed the League name selection. Instead of your mouse roller, place your mouse pointer on the right scroll bar and click or pull it down.

How does a new person access the web site to assist me or replace me, the current web editor?

You want the new person to learn how to log into and use League Easy Web. You should give them a tutorial or you can log in to League Easy Web as usual. When you get to the "League Easy Web Login Part 2" page, check the box that says:

Email password to another League member

Then just fill in the person's email address, modify the message if you wish (remove the 3 paragraphs after "For Leagues New to LEW", e.g.) and send it. This will give the new person the same information that you started with: where the instructions are, how to log in, the password.

New persons will sign in with their own last name, use your League's password, and fill out the form with their contact information.

If this person is the new webmaster, also:

  • Click on View/Edit League Registration" from the site home page and change the name and email address in "Information about the Web Site Editor (webmaster)" section. This defines who gets email sent to
  • Review other email definitions in all sections following that one to be sure they are correct.

Is there any problem with having more than one person update our Web site?

Generally, no. We encourage you to assign pages or groups of pages to those people who want to take responsibility for the content. For example, your Voter Service Director could do all of the pages about elections; your VOTER editor could post the new VOTER online; your Action Director could be responsible for pages about your advocacy projects.

However, there are two things to avoid:

  • It is important that two people NOT be working on exactly the same page at the same time. Unpredictable results could occur.
  • If new pages must be added or old ones deleted, only one person should be logged in when performing these functions. This will avoid the possibility of two people trying to add or delete any page at the same time.

But within those guidelines, you should feel safe.

If you are talking over the phone with someone and want to view the same pages they are working on at the same time, that is not a problem -- as long as only one person actually makes any changes. The second person should be able to refresh the browser to see any saved changes made by the first person.

There are two LEW sites I want to edit. May I login to both at the same time and make updates?

If you want to edit two sites, for example, your members' site and your public site or your local League's site and your state's site, you can edit both at the same point in time, but you must use two different browsers.

Login to one site using Chrome, for example, and the other site using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Do not use two instances of the same browser. The reason is that we store important information in a cookie and using two browsers keeps these cookies separate.

More commonly, you probably make changes to one site, then logout and login again to make changes to the other site. In this case, you may use the same browser for both.

It is probably safest not to use bookmarks when you might be editing more than one LEW site. Always login from the beginning.

Entering Your Contact Information

We ask you to enter contact information in case we need to contact you.

What method will you usually use to contact me about normal issues involved with this system?

We will send an email to "" if it is a private manner. Sometimes we send emails to all webmasters ("wm") or to the primary email address ("league").

General messages are posted near the top of the Site Generation Home page. Watch those!

If the system sends a message to you or to us concerning your League, it uses the password you entered in the contact information. Please keep your email address current.

What do you do with my home address and phone number?

Just store it for possible future communications to you about this project.

What do you do with my email address?

The LWVNet system sometimes generates email messages to or about the person who has logged in to make updates. For example, if you attempt to upload a PDF file that is larger than a certain size, the system will send an email to the LEW administrator so we can help you reduce the file size. Your contact email address will be included in that message and we will use that email address to send you a response. Please keep it up to date.

How do I change my contact information?

Login starting with (don't use a saved "Favorite" address that bypasses login). On the Login Part 2 screen, click on the button at the bottom that says "Change Contact Info Above".

When You are Done - Logging Out

What happens if I don't logout?

If you are using a computer that someone else might use after you (for example, at a library), then the other person might be able to find the edit pages and update your Web site. If you forget to logout, you can also just close the browser.

At the bottom of the Web Site Generation Home page, what is the "Allow Bookmarking This Page" checkbox?

If you check this box before you logout, you will be able to bookmark the Web Site Generation Home page and return to it later without logging in with your name and password. If you are using your own personal computer, bookmarking is recommended to make it easy to get to this page so you can make changes to your web site.

How do I bookmark my site generation home page?

  1. While on the site generation home page, add the URL of this page to your list of bookmarks.
  2. Check the box "Allow Bookmarking This Page" and then click on Logout.
  3. The next time you want to work on LEW, go to your bookmarked page.
  4. When you finish working, do not click "Logout" -- just close your browser. If you click on "Logout" without checking "Allow Bookmarking This Page", you must login with your name and password the next time.

When using a computer that isn't mine, should I bookmark?

No. If you do, the owner or other users of the computer could get into your main Web site generation page and change your pages.

I am the webmaster for two different League websites. Can I bookmark?

No. Please logout from one League's site, then login to the other Web site. If you have a member's web site for your League, it is considered a separate web site. Read more about editing two sites.

I bookmarked my site generation home page. When I used the bookmark, I get the message "Login with cookies required".

The last time you worked on LEW, you either clicked on the "Logout" button without checking the box for "Allow Bookmarking This Page" or you logged into another LEW site (your members site?). If you want to bookmark again, you must ask that it be allowed (see instructions above).